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at the Château de la Jarthe

Dordogne - Perigord Blanc

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Activities at the castle

Public opening spring 2023

Clés de chambre d'hôtel




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The history of the castle 

Perigord Blanc
Dordogne - Perigueux

It has gone through history since the 12th century and today bears the marks of each era. A wooden walkway from the time of the knights, a Gothic chapel, a round Renaissance-type staircase tower, as well as a keep, with a breathtaking view of the wooded park of more than 120 hectares and the surrounding countryside .  

Legend has it that the castle of La Jarthe was built by order of the Templars.  

What is certain is that it owes its first reconstruction, in the 14th century, to the Puy de La Jarthe family.

A family from which he also took the name.

This family will remain the owner of the fiefdom until 1583 when it sells the castle to the de CHILLAUDs.  

In 1603, Jean de FAYOLLE was lord of JARTHE.

In 1667 Jean de CHILLAUD, Lord of JARTHE, paid homage to the Mayor of Périgueux! In the 17th century, the SAILLANT family bought La Jarthe - Marthe des FIEUX married Jean du SAILLANT and gave birth to a son, Jean second of the name; in 1753, it was Captain Philippe de La ROCHE-AYMON nephew of Philibert du SAILLANT, who inherited the JARTHE and became its lord! In 1789, Philippe de La ROCHE-AYMON constituted his nephew, the Count of La ROCHE-AYMON as his heir; the latter died in 1836 without posterity.  

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Take a walk in the woods

There is so much to see at Chateau de la Jarthe that it would take more than a day to visit it all.  

Discover the magical secrets that our historic site has to offer.


Its diversity of tree species

Its forest of more than 80 hectares, offers a unique biodiversity, protected and served by many marked paths and decorated with rest benches. Several hundred-year-old trees, oaks, maritime pines, chestnut trees and so many others offer us magical and soothing moments. The best dogs will try to look for some truffles, while the owners can fill the baskets with chestnuts or porcini mushrooms depending on the season.


Its wild fauna

At the crossroads of a path, the deer and hinds love to venture out to meet us, taking advantage of the grains shared with the horses in the adjoining meadows. The unmissable wild boar families take advantage of nightfall to go out. The majestic hawks, wood pigeons and pheasants also enjoy this site completely protected from hunters.

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 Opening     Spring

Our events company C'Events, will be pleased to welcome you from the beginning of the year 2023! The château inn and the orangery will be honored to welcome you on the occasion of their inauguration.

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Organization of events 

The Templar Table

The castle inn! A gourmet and friendly table, highlighting the wealth of the estate and local producers. Open for lunch and dinner on weekdays and weekends. Rotisserie, pizza oven, stews, "grandma" recipes, not to mention the fireplace cooking with a selection of the best fresh products.

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The orangery of the castle

A magnificent "Baltard pavilion" of more than 600 m2 that can accommodate nearly 400 guests, surrounded by a large terrace and a swimming pool, entirely dedicated to the organization of weddings, private parties, seminars or any other events.


Organization of events

Our events company "C'Events" will offer throughout the year, shows, concerts or other activities throughout the castle grounds.

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Organization of events

Our events company "C'Events" will offer throughout the year, shows, concerts or other activities throughout the castle grounds.


The castle stud

Rich with its 40 hectares of meadows entirely fenced in smooth wood, the area naturally benefits from the harmonious presence of the magnificent horses of the stud farm.

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Sport horse breeding

Passion, selection and dream

More than 20 years of experience and a demanding selection, allow us today to give birth to foals resulting from the best European genetics. Indexed broodmares from major winning strains are crossed to the most referenced and recognized stallions. The stud also has its own stallion, with confirmed potential. Visit our site to discover all the herds, foals and embryos available for sale.


The competition team

Patience, sportsmanship, love of horses

A competent, dynamic team that is very respectful of the well-being of our athletes. We promote, exploit in competitions and market horses from our breeding, as well as a selection of sport horses intended for classic, Pro 1 Elite and international cycles. The high quality facilities located in the idyllic setting of the castle and its forest, allow serene and professional work.

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